Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sloe gin a go-go

We went foraging for sloes at the weekend.  As the fruit has all been early this year we found the lower branches already stripped clean.  However, we gave thanks for short people as I [being the slightly taller of the pair of us] pulled over the higher branches so we could reach the berries on them, before letting them spring back unharmed. 
We collected a respectable 1.64 kg (him) and 1.8something kg (me) giving us about 3.5 kg total between the 2 of us which took us just under an hour and a half - not bad going.  We ended up a little scratched - more from the brambles growing throughout the bushes than the blackthorns themselves but it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in the sun pootling along the river.  There's got to be worse places to pick sloes surely...

The sloes are now safely ensconced in the freezer (in lieu of the first frosts getting them) and we have the sugar and the le parfait jars - just the gin to get now and we're on our way.  :-)


  1. Well done you two! My harvest from last year is still in OH's freezer. I bought the le Parfait jar today but forgot the gin...I hope there is a tomorrow!

  2. Hehe, I make lots of sloe gin every year - can't abide gin myself, but my other half & ma-in-law love it! I'm making damson vodka & blackberry whisky this year too (hic!)

  3. Try Adli for Gin TA - think it's the best price we've found.
    Hi littleblackfox, good to hear from you!
    If you make a strong sloe gin without too much sugar in it as we did last year it tastes more like fruit liquer we found - you can sip it on it's own and taste the plummy flavours coming through - rather lovely! I like the sound of your other concoctions though. :-)

  4. Yes, Aldi is always the first place for anything like that. I always use very little sugar in mine too, I like to taste the sloes.


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