Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Foraging season

It's foraging time again - although really there's something available just about all year round.  However the fungi are most plentiful around now and I'm itching to get out there gathering.  For now though here's the little pretties I picked up last year - I also wanted to share them as part of Black & White Wednesday over on The Well-Seasoned Cook.

The other free food that should be bountiful now are sloes - we're determined to make vast amounts of sloe gin this year as last year's single batch really didn't last us long enough.  This time we're thinking dawn ladder raids and blow everyone else!  :-D  Maybe gloves this time too...


  1. You'd better get out soon to those Sloes, they've been ready to pick since August and someone might have beaten you to it.

  2. !! :-( I know everythings early this year but that's crazy! Time to sneak off to the secret spots...

  3. Mushrooms are so naturally photogenic. I never get tired of looking at them. And the sloes are beautifully flooded with light. I've never seen a sloe in real life (although I've drunk enough sloe gin) so this is a real treat.

    Thank you, Ruth, for your BWW images.

  4. Hi Susan - thanks for popping in. I've posted a pic of sloes on the bush here: and will blog the gin making process when we get to it. Do you have sloes in the USA?


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