Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cheese - it's spesh and you know it!

Well I promised to tell you more about our cheese purchases yesterday and here you go. I mentioned the Beenleigh Blue - it's made by Tickelmore Cheese in Devon. It's a blue cheese made from Sheeps milk. Slightly misleading to look at as it doesn't show a lot of blue veins but it's a robust and strong flavoured blue, although not too 'claggy' or 'wipe out' with the taste. Very very nice, although also fairly expensive, do try it if you see it available anywhere.
The others we got were a good bit of Dorset Blue Vinney, some tasty mature cheddar - Brue Valley Vintage, a Capricorn goats cheese (not pictured) and some Raclette - I've wanted to try this Swiss speciality that's eaten melted for a while so I'm looking forward to having it. We got the 2 jars of loveliness pictured as well; now for a lazy evening dining on cheese, crackers, chutnies, olives and the like. Ah bliss!

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