Friday, 4 March 2011

Start Point and a seaside forage

Wednesday we took a little jaunt down the coast to Start Point; off past the end of Torbay, Brixham and Dartmouth here. Having parked up in very windy conditions [after following some comedically tiny roads to get there] we had an amble down to the point, looked at the view, got blown about, saw the lighthouse was shut and headed back up the hill. After a sarnie or two we decided to coast hop our way back up; stopping first at Hallsands, where we gathered some limpets and sea beet with the idea of making a seafood stew loosely based on one in the River Cottage 'Fish' book. It was great fun I must admit - we came across some rocks with masses of limpets on [and loads of tiny mussels - noted for later in the year once they've grown] and took a few from each spot. It's important to vary the size if you go foraging for limpets as they change sex half way through their lives therefore the small ones are male and the large female. If you only went for the big 'uns you'd cause a population imbalance; aparently the larger ones can be tougher too. Needless to say as well that if you're going to forage for any seafood check water cleanliness, time of year, local byelaws etc. Equip yourself with some expert knowledge like this - that's what we did. I take no responsibility &c &c &c!!
We also found some dog whelks and these eggs - not sure what they are but intriguing!
We carried on up the coast - incidentally a lovely part of the world, then crossed the Dart estuary on the ferry and headed for Churston Court for a pint in front of the huge 13th C fireplaces. This place is brilliant; quirky, old, fascinating and serving lovely food and pints it's worth a visit just to have a poke about. There's at least 2 suits of armour as well!

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