Thursday, 3 March 2011

Shoreline at Shaldon

I'm hoping this post goes smoothly today! I want to share with you a little beach off the back of Shaldon in Devon. Go to the Ness car park, shown here and follow the signs for the tunnel through the cliffs to the beach itself. The Devon red rocks are interspersed with bands of deposits, giving interesting patterns as they various layers wear at different rates. I think the protruding part here looks like a big tongue coming from the cliff!
There are warning notices all over the place as cliff falls are not exactly infrequent so do be careful looking around!

We had a lovely walk along the beach spotting pretty shells and rocks. Chap saw a tiny starfish that was immediately washed away by the next wave but then I spotted it as well on the returning wave. Here it is before we safely returned it to the welcoming embrace of the sea. A baby razor clam shell.
The afternoon ticked away as we dawdled along the coast, scrambling over rocks and picking up varied pieces of wood, rock and an unattached buoy. [I have grand plans for this to do with sea foraging.] As the sun dropped in the sky we left and made our way over to Teignmouth on the other side of the estuary for a welcome pint in the last rays of the day.

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