Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Well I got my wish and managed to christen the new fork before going off for my training course. The angled handle really makes a difference when you go to do the first lift and turn of a spit. The handle is some sort of soft grip effect and nice to work with. I like my new toy!! If you're looking for an inexpensive set of tools you could do worse than keep an eye out for these 2 when they're on offer together.
The end of last week took me to London for training on the new IT systems we'll be using in a weeks time. We go live with them on the first day of our new term - brilliant timing!! Not looking forwards to that. I was staying in a hotel just off the end of Brick Lane - with this great juxtaposition of a view outside. Rundown graffitied derelict buildings in the foreground with the shiny gherkin behind. It's near Aldgate East station - one of those with a few odd original bits left like the fantastically retro looking [except presumably they're original so therefore can't really be called 'retro'? Vintage maybe? Answers on a postcard please!] signs telling you which way to go. I love those little individualistic notes in an otherwise rushed world; people with no time to notice them as they pass by on their way to and from the daily grind. Sad really. Or maybe I'm assuming too much apathy on their behalf and these little touches are what keeps people living in and loving London. Who knows?

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