Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Foodie day!!

Well - it's pancake day anyway - but I also learnt today that it's British Pie week. Oh - and it's International Women's Day. So - off you go and think up something to combine those 3! I'm planning on pancakes tonight - although which ones out of regular, scotch (drop/griddle scones), crepes, blini, boxty, oriental, american buttermilk... hmmm - flat foodstuff is evidently a universal constant huh? Enjoy if you too are partaking and I promise I'll have a proper post for you tomorrow - all about limpets no less!
Oh - just in case - basic pancake batter recipe:
4oz plain flour - but if all you've got is self raising that's fine
0.5 pint milk
1 egg
Whisk egg and milk together then whisk in sieved flour bit by bit. Add a pinch of salt if they're to be served savoury. Oh - or sieve flour into bowl then add whisked milk and egg to it bit by bit. Either or. So long as you sieve the flour and you've got a half decent balloon whisk - metal for preference - it'll only take a couple of mins to get a double cream consistency smooth lump-free batter. Not worth getting the FP out for I'd say.
Heat oil in pan - fry.
That's it! Have fun. :-)

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