Wednesday, 7 April 2010

...and something I didn't do...

...namely Cake Sunday. There's a good reason though. Well - in actual fact me being a forgetful muppet is perhaps not exactly a 'good' reason, but it's the only one I have.
You see it being Easter and all I thought - ooh - I'll try Simnel cake. I am a lover of marzipan; many years ago it was not unknown for me to buy a block to eat 'neat' as it were. I looked at various recipes and thought that apart from the lovely marzipan it pretty much sounded like a fairly dull light fruit cake with a smidgen of ground almonds added. 'Pah - we can do better than that' thought I. Having received this years bumpf for the allotment including the info on the show I now had a new recipe - cherry and almond cake. [For the show you have to make their choice of cake to their recipe!?!] My grand plan was therefore to make a cherry and almond simnel cake - marvellous I hear you all cry. Scribbled the list, nipped to the shops (4.50pm on Saturday evening) purchased said ingredients and went on my merry way. It was only over a bevvy or 2 later that I suddenly realised - had I bought marzipan??! Had I buggery - hadn't written it on the sodding list. Doh!! And which day of the year is every shop shut - Easter Sunday of course!!
Ah - weellll - everyone will surely be full of chocolate on Easter won't they? They don't need cake do they? Cake Bank Holiday Monday has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Yes, yes and yes??

And what is it that the shops have run out of on the bank holiday Monday immediately after Easter Sunday? You guessed it... thwarted by a lack of marzipan. *Sigh...*


  1. Ah well, it will all come right in the end. I like your plate, very pretty.

  2. Hah - Typical, eh?! Still, I think a Simnel cake shouldn't just be for Easter. Make one next week instead!


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