Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wild Food

Considering I've spent the last week reading up on wild food, foraging for it and recipes for said 'larder alfresco' in books, on blogs and courtesy of google, I can be remarkably dozy sometimes. Off I gaily went to my allotment yesterday in the gorgeous sun after work and I know there's a big bank of nettles at the end of my plot most of the year. However I didn't even think about it only to arrive and see masses of them crying out to be picked and eaten / turned into beer. Also lots of dandelions which is something else that suddenly seems to be popping up in cordial, battered or salads. Did I have a single plassy bag on me with which to take home the bounty? No - of course I didn't. :-(

Today I will not be thwarted! I did manage to pick a couple of handfuls of perpetual spinach last night that had survived from last year so I'm thinking some sort of veg and Cornish Blue cheese dish tonight with the addition of the nettles to the spinach and maybe a battered dandelion or two for afters.

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