Thursday, 1 April 2010

What a difference a day makes

Wow - this morning the sun is shining and all seems right with the world. Now I know it won't last; the forecast is grim for later but after the stormy conditions of the last few days it's more than welcome.

A tree was down yesterday morning at the local college - straight through the outer wall. Unfortunately I was zipping past in the minibus on the last leg of my journey at the time so was unable to snatch a quick papparazzi style shot ["not the branches, not the branches"] at the time. By the time I took this they had cleared it away but you get an idea of the size. I know it was windy but I wouldn't have thought it was that bad!
Looks like typical English bank holiday weekend weather to come. We are a nation of weather pessimists aren't we? Bitter experience I reckon that is. :-D


  1. Looks scary. I love the bridge picture, very evocative.

  2. That's my walk in. Rather greyer now sadly!


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