Monday, 12 April 2010

Food festy

Saturday visited the snappily titled 'Exeter Festival for South-West Food and Drink.' Long winded title but a top day out. Lovely time with family and got to try lots of gorgeous cheeses and a few pints of nice ale. Check the size of this cheese out!!
Now have a fridge stocked with cheese and a beautifully glazed olive and stones bowl set.
One of the many bars - I just loved that the whole thing was named the 'Doom Bar'. It's actually the name of a local beer here, apparently named after a notorious sandbar that has wrecked many a ship over the years.
How's this for food snobbery - not just any old mature cheddar but 'cave aged' not less!! lol. Actually this was one of the bargains of the day - 900g cheese wrapped in cloth for £5 - brilliant! I hacked a bit off for ma and sis as well and still have plenty left to keep me going.


  1. Sounds like a fun day out with bargains. As for 'cave aged' cheese, Wookey Hole would seem to be the ideal location. I know that cheeses in France are matured in caves.

    I forgot to say that I like your little bird on the last post...

  2. Looks a great day! My parents live in South Devon and I've noticed how great an area it is for local food and drink. I've had Doom Bar too - v nice!

  3. I love reading about and discovering different foods. The 'cave aged' cheese would have got my pennies too - a bargain!

    My goodness, its been a long time since i heard of someone mention 'Wookey Hole'.

  4. It was a really great day, I meant to take lots more photos but it was pretty packed so hard to get a good one.
    Deffo recommend it for next year if you're in the area.


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