Thursday, 1 April 2010

Easter weekend

Thinking of making some sort of easter tree, haven't done this for a few years but this post on the great Cottage Smallholder blog has rekindled my interest.
Lakeland have some cute little wooden eggs. I like the idea of painting my own more but think I may have left it a little late for that!

However - I may be able to knock one or a pair of these little fabric birdies up. Found here with a printable pdf for the pattern. I like the simple lines and am thinking of halving the size and sewing on a tiny peg - that you get for holding xmas cards up / crafting purposes, with which to attach them to the branches.


  1. Did you make them? They look so charming.

  2. Ooh I did - not got a pic yet but I will take one!

  3. Excellent news, I look forward to the pictures.


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