Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The beauty of ingredients

Look at these chestnut mushrooms. Do they not speak to you of promises of deep earthy flavours hidden within, of succulent juices released with a bite, of woodland and calm places and still shadows under trees? Well they do me.
I was struck by them last night as the Chap chopped some for the lovely veg curry he made me. Can't give you a recipe as I was 'encouraged' away from the cooking area (:-D) but it included onion, garlic, spuds, carrot, butternut squash, chestnut mushrooms, broccoli and green beans and served on top of nutty brown rice squeezed with lemon was a warming winter winner. Well done Chap. *claps*
Quick update on the found £'s - 80p today already! Woop!!

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