Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mid week (ish) round up

Couple of last bits from the weekend - once again Chiefs trashed the opposition; this time Sale Sharks succumbed 24-19. A far more exciting game than the previous weeks 15-9 against Leeds Carnegie - sadly my pic of that score was on the phone that vanished. That was an all penalties game whereas the Sale game was 3-1 try crowd pleaser. That puts us 6th in the table and was worth the extra layers and being out in the first few flakes of snow we've seen this year. Mental note though - next time tights under the jeans as well I reckon!
Sunday I made the roast to feed the 5 thousand - for 2 of us. Got a bit carried away and we had the nut roast I'd got from the veggie deli at Brixham chrimble fair, roast spuds, roast butternut squash, roast carrots, roast swede, roast garlic, sweetcorn, broccoli (calabrese) and boiled carrots, oven braised greens [celery, cabbage and half a tired iceberg] and yorkshire puddings. Oh - and gravy with a splash of red wine in. Phew!! I think we could have fed 6 of us really but it made a nice lunch for me the next day, and then dinner for us in the evening on Monday too! Wasn't totally convinced on the nut roast front - was a very 'bitty' texture that says 'chickpeas' to me. Not bad but I don't think I'd bother again. My oven braised veg went down well with the chap though.
Brief synopsis - butter, celery generally but I used white cabbage too and this worked, veg stock. Preheat oven gas 6. Melt butter in pan. Chop veg into size bits you want. I left the celery 3-4 inches long and shredded the cabbage and lettuce. Saute off in the butter gently for about 10 mins. Put in ovenproof dish - ceramic not metal. Pour stock over and bang in oven for 20-30 mins dep' how crunchy / not you want the veg. Somehow I find something very comforting about this. Mind you I'm one of those few people who actively like celery, even celery soup. You can vary this how you want dep' on veg in the house, what temp' other stuff's in the oven etc. Add cheese too for a more 'full meal with protein' style of dish.
Lastly we have today finally got the snow that's been promised us for the last week. It was distinctly grey this morning though rather than being bright and blue and pretty which was a shame but I suppose you can't have everything. I'm glad to have my DM's and at least I work inside unlike the chap - brrr!

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