Tuesday, 30 November 2010

'Lovely things sweetie-darling, lovely things...'

As promised piccies of the 'lovely things' [wish I could remember which episode that was from!] that I purchased in Brixham. Excuse the quality of the 3rd photo - I was trying to take it quickly before naughty Zeke stole off with the bauble!
Brilliant metal items - I love this kind of 'stamped' look to stuff and I think the green tag will stick out nicely on my bare branches tree this chrimble.
Next up the pretty felt star with beads, they had birds in this style as well but I liked this best. In fact it's probably more a snowflake than a star, very pretty either way.These are the clay hangers and the glass bauble I got from the RNLI fair - 20p - bargainous!
Finally my cosy hat. Very pleased with this. I do have an idea to knit my own at some point but learning how to and all that jazz first might be advantageous! Meanwhile it's winter already so this was a fine purchase IMO. :-)


  1. You did get some good things didn't you? I particularly like the pressed tin items.

  2. So do I - I'm sure the silver ones must be easyish to make from drink cans. They were only 50p each though so I don't mind paying that. Thinking about it the Atomic Shrimp chap does stuff with tin cans.

  3. He does! Not sure that I'd attempt it though.


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