Thursday, 18 November 2010

Not bright in Brighton

In fact it's wet, cold and windy; in no particular order. Here for 3 days for work. Mind you when I left Exeter 0n the 6.51 am train yesterday morning it was lashing it down and blowing a gale there as well. At least it wasn't Cornwall!
Crossing London on the underground I was struck again by the disparity between the stations. Some I went through, like Baker Street have the odd heartening touch to them, like this set of wooden doors topped with a pleasingingly vintage looking station name sign. [Excuse the bad quality of the pic; mobile + poor lighting in the underground station = bad photos.] This is actually where the fire extinguishers reside, slumbering in quiet state until their day for action should come. It's a pleasing sight compared to the brick austerity of Great Portland Street with it's arches of dirty yellow brick topped with an even dirtier plastic fascia in which the old globe shaped lights bob incongruously, nervous that their grimy victorian slumber has been imposed upon in this way. Then comes Euston Square with it's theme of white toilet tiles. At least it looks cleaner I suppose. Kings Cross with small square mosaic tiles; disappointingly also white, interspersed with dour grey facing. A little effort please London Underground!
Having hit Brighton and been in meetings all day I met colleagues for dinner in the lobby of their hotel - the Hilton. Now I know it's Brighton but a brief glance at the bar menu reveals a club sandwich consisting of bacon, letttuce, tomato, egg and chicken will set you back £12.30 here - eek! I don't know, maybe you're paying for the piped in string music...
We ate in the Good Friend Chinese Restaurant on Preston Street. There's 2 menu's; one just in English with more of the 'everyday' dishes you see in a Chinese in the UK. The other is in Chinese and English and has some more 'exotic' [to me] but perhaps more traditionally Chinese dishes on it. These include intestines, feet and suchlike. Whilst I declined to go for the 'Stewed Duck's Webs with Fish Lips' [:-O] I had a very good hotpot of Dried Shrimp, Glass Noodles and Chinese Vegetables. I'd recommend this venue, and do try something a little different from your normal! Next time I'm here I'm determined to go for the stir fried Morning Glory. Yep - the plant; at least I presume it is!! :-D

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