Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Rosti Rapido

I've been meaning to try my hand at a veg rosti of some kind for a while, to the extent where I have a small collection of recipes gathering in the file.
Having tried this though I realise they really don't need a recipe, just a little common sense and something to bind the ingredients together with. Basically if you have a grater, an egg and some miscellaneous veg then you're off.
Quick and simple to knock up, this is how I made mine:

Rosti Rapido
1 reg - half a large carrot - grated
1 small potato - grated
Grated cheddar cheese
1 egg
1 tbsp cornflour
1 tsp dried mixed herbs / what you fancy
Little oil for frying

Place frying pan on to heat up, with a little oil in.
Grate carrot and potato onto clean tea towel. Squeeze as much moisture out as possible. Place in bowl. [Note - your towel will no longer be anywhere near clean and you will marvel at the amount of 'orange' that came out of the carrots then you may think, like me 'bugger - I wish I hadn't used a white one'.]
Add grated cheese and mix to distribute evenly.
Mix in herbs, pepper and a little salt, bearing in mind the cheese adds salt.
Mix cornflour through.
Beat egg and add, mixing really well.
Pour into pan, flattening out to make a round cake - or you could make about 4 individual ones. Place lid on pan - this will help reflect some of the heat downwards to cook the top. [Also true of omelettes.]
Fry for a few minutes until underside looks done when gently lifted with a spatula.
Turn - I utilised the 'plate on top of pan and flip over then slide back in' method.
Cook until done on bottom and whole way through. Mine had perhaps 10 minutes cooking time total. You want the potato cooked as this starts off raw in this recipe.
Enjoy with a green salad and a dollop of mayo.
I can see me making this quite a few times in the future - truly quick but satisfying food, not too bad for you depending on the cheese levels and can be made with most veg - whatever you have lying around. Yay for the Rosti Rapido sez I!


  1. I was going to make some Jewish inspired latkes this week with carrots and potaotes, but this looks really good. Who knows I may just change my mind.

    Your rosti's look really good and crispy. I am liking it. A good dish to knock up when your hungry and want flavourful food in a hurry.

  2. Ooh Ruth, that looks so delicious, well done.

  3. Thank you all - it was good - can't believe I never tried them before!
    Les - I fear it'd be a bit a) cold and b) whiffy by the time it reached you. Otherwise you know I would! :-D
    Mangocheeks - Wasn't loads crispy but you could cook longer / higher heat for a bit at the end to give it more of a crisp. Just so long as the potato's cooked through I think you can tweak how you want to your own tastes. Also amount of veg to egg will affect how rosti as opposed to omelette like it seems. Have a go!


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