Monday, 15 November 2010

Time frugal cooking - spudato wedges

An easy standby to knock up then bang in the oven. Ok - it's about an hour from start to finish so Jamie's 30 Minute Meals this aint but unlike his where you spend the entire 30 minutes cooking; [personally I'm skeptical; and a little tired of him telling me to "get your 30 minute meal head on" - ok Jamie, just get the brand tattooed on your forhead why don't you then you wouldn't have to keep mentioning it. Also - perhaps think that some of us may watch more than one episode therefore can remember from one to the next to get ourselves ready] this is more like 5-10 prep then walk away - wedges FTW time wise!! [Sorry - bit of a sidetrack mini-rant there.]
It's incredibly simple so I feel a bit of a fraud calling this a 'recipe' - more like a base plan or blueprint to then adapt at will. Much like a lot of my 'cooking' [making it up as you go along]. :-D

Potato Wedges
Seasonings / herbs / spices to your taste

Put oven on to preheat - Gas 6. [In case you hadn't noticed there's a handy link to a conversion chart on the right bar.]
Wash spuds. Do not peel. There's enough ways to waste our life time out there already [eg ironing] let's not let peeling veg be one of them.
Chop into 6-10 wedges depending on spud size. I generally look at spud stood on 'end' and chop it half down through the longest axis. Then lay each half flat and slice into wedges. See pic.
Wow - realised this really is me teaching y'all how to suck eggs. Just slice your spud into wedges - you know how to do that.
In a bowl large enough to take all the spuds with room for stirring about splosh some EVOO -amount dep's on amount of spuds you're doing.
Add S+P and your choice of seasonings. I used seasoned salt, cayenne and some ground coriander but this would work with most spice combos or herbs and a sprinkling of lemon juice; either fresh or bottled. Any flavours you like the taste of basically. I like the cayenne for a little warming kick, especially this time of year!
Spread out on a baking sheet/tray - try and get in a single layer, then chuck in the oven. Full cooking time will vary depending on your wedge size and how crispy you like your spuds but you're looking at 40 mins plus. Turn approx half way though. It's not the end of the world if you don't though!

I'm afraid we scarfed these all up before it occurred to me to take a pic but if you've never seen a potato wedge before; well frankly - get making some!! Easy, time frugal as you can be getting on doing other things whilst they cook, and cost frugal too.

And remember: "Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so." Douglas Adams

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