Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Phone loss and distress caused thereof

Now the reason we have no lovely photographic images to accompany the last post about Jamie's Italian is in fact twofold. Firstly - the lighting was a little dim - sorry 'mood' - in the restaurant so phone images would have been very poor quality. I in fact had a different image from my Brighton trip to accompany the post. However; my return to Exeter and a night out on Saturday brought the theft/loss of my phone. I'm honestly not sure which as it disappeared from the front pocket of my bag; which suggests theft, but it was ringing up to Sunday arvo, which suggests loss. We re-visited the bar on the Sunday though and rang it and couldn't hear it anywhere so it's now 'black-listed' to prevent use and I have a replacement SIM card on its way.
Now - loss of phone reminds one that whereas we used to memorise many phone numbers now we rely on our handsets to do it. I used mine as my alarm clock too, in common with many. It had a 2gb card in with lots of images on - luckily most of which are on the pc. We have become lazy in our reliance on gadgetry and now - well I am rueing this to a certain extent. Hey ho. Sadly I'll have to go back to the old handset on which the camera is atrocious. The whole reason I bought the lost handset was for the camera which was 5mp and ok in decent light and meant it was always to hand for images for this 'ere blog. [Incidentally it was cack as an actual phone. LG for the record.]
Must get myself back in the habit of carrying my camera at all times - I missed a brilliant picture opportunity on Sunday [that had me reaching for my phantom phone] when we visited the Hourglass for a late afternoon pint. I was trying to see what beers were on pump and my view was obscured by the furry behind of the pub cat! Anyway - sounds like an excuse for a repeat visit to me! This is a gem of a backstreet boozer; the sort you imagine existed in droves in a certain era for the working man to whet his whistle on the way home. This has survived I would say based on it's reputation for great food as it's become quite gastro in it's menu offerings, good beers, friendly and eclectic staff / clientele / interior and a great range of single malts behind the bar. It was several years living here before someone shared the secret with me I know that!
[TBH this picture wasn't taken there but they have served this beer there in the past. Tenuous? Maybe...]


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your phone Ruth, as you say we use them for so many things. I hope you get sorted soon.

  2. Got my replacement SIM through now - phew! Wretched things; but felt lost without it!! :-D


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