Friday, 10 December 2010

Ode to a furry pawed Zekester

On Sunday Zeke will be 6 months. I can barely believe the transformation. Here he is; back when he was a tiny thing that skittered about in that constantly-startled-by-the-world kitten way. Doesn't look like any trouble right? Well, at very nearly 6 months he's now bigger than my mother's last little cat, bless her, when she was full size. I reckon there's some growing to do yet as well! These days he thunders about the place on less than dainty furry great plates. But he's still great fun. :-D Happy half a year Zekester. xxx
This was going to be a post mentioning the freebie sites out there but Zeke didn't want to wait for his Whiskas Temptations!


  1. Ruth, he looks wonderful bless him.

  2. He is a remarkably handsome young man and I think he knows it.

  3. Thank you both. He does know it I'm sure!! I can't get over how huge he is at 6 months. That's a DM boot to the right of him in that photo. :-O He uses them as his scratching post - good job I don't care too much though I've hidden other shoes from his prying claws!


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