Wednesday, 13 October 2010

No holds barred rant - consider yourselves named and shamed

Now I'm normally careful to avoid mention of personal friends on here for obvious reasons but I must share this with you as my blood is absolutely boiling.
Dear friends of mine very recently lost their 12 year old beautiful boy in a tragic cycling accident. They are feeling like their world has ended as you can imagine. Today the mother receives the following email:
"We are sorry to here of your loss, that is hard to imagine let alone experiance, please accept our haert felt sympathies. now isn't a good time, but it is sort of, if you would like to know more about how we could help you help others just hit our site when you are ready and ring us on what it has to do with helping others and we will empathetically explain. our sincere best wishes J***& A***"
The site is:
I must point out as well that all the shitty spellings are their own.
If you click the link it takes you to the aforementioned Utility Warehouse where I am making full use of the 'contact us' option. I encourage you all to do the same.
This is my message:
"I would like to register my intense disgust at you contacting a good friend of mine who has just lost her young son. Such incredible insensitivity is truly breathtaking. I think you can count on the fact that you've just lost a hell of a lot of potential custom. Not only is it on Facebook I'll be publicising it on my blog as well. Don't use other's tragedy as a springboard to advertise your services, it's disgusting behaviour and you should be truly ashamed of yourselves."
I know it's too much to hope such reprehensible people will get the message from this but perhaps if we all do it - people - I'm asking this of you but it aint for me.


  1. Un-bloody-believable. I am utterly horrified at the behaviour of this company.

    Your poor friends. As if they needed that on top of their tragedy.

  2. It's sickening and despicable and just makes me so mad. Just not necesary, there's a time and a bloody place and this was not it. Grrrr....
    My friends so don't need this kind of thing right now.

  3. Ruth, that is so unimaginably incredible. I cannot understand the mentality that could conceive such an astoundingly dumb (for starters), insulting, hurtful, self-defeating communication like that.
    It genuinely beggars belief.

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