Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Shroom saturday

Given the beautiful weekend weather we decided to go for a trip to Fernworthy Reservoir on Dartmoor for a walk in the sun. Lovely spot this. As it happened though, we ended up spending rather more time looking at the floor rather than around us due to the abundance of fungi we spotted. Had we brought a single id guide with us though? No, of course we hadn't! *facepalm*
Anyway - some pics of the various examples - I'm afraid the quality is variable being a) taken on my phone and b) often in lowlight under the tree canopy. If I knew categorically if any are safe for eating I'd head up there again soon!

The first - spotted before we even got out of the van!

Above - impressively yellow

Left - impressively shaggy

This was a purplish capped one and the undersides of an already broken off one. There were a lot of these.

More delicately purple these - maybe Amethyst Deceiver on the right?

Another impressively ruffled one on the left and the red one above was the last 'spot' of the day.
We saw others but the pics are too poor I'm afraid.
We didn't eat any!
I'm afraid Blogger rearranges my pics so what looks like a nice layout in preview is in fact annoyingly staggered. Soz - nowt I can do 'bout that.

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