Friday, 7 January 2011

The man can cook!!

Well; this is a rather nice thing. Never having seemed to have picked one that had the ability and / or inclination to do so before; especially not with any regularity, it's refreshing to find that the Chap not only likes cooking but is veritably good at it. Even having been out with no less than 2 chefs [amongst others] in the last decade, even they failed singularly to manage any sort of proof of culinary prowess for me. Sheesh - easily impressed - moi? Ha!
His curry method [which I'm going to unashamedly nick] is; after roasting the veg, pureeing half of them in with your choice of curry sauce. This ensures you have a 'gravy' that is nice and thick and sticks to your rice rather than running through it. Worked for me - lovely! Watch this space and I'll do a proper post when I have a go for myself. In the meantime - I really feel he needs a pinny...what do you think... ;-D *snigger*


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