Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Pressies - the materialistic bit of chrimble

Yes - it's a post about stuff. But this bit of stuff is a help for both money and time frugal peoples. Also it's only a short post. So read on...
I was overly excited to receive a slow cooker this year [Amazon wish lists are great] from *mini-big sis - I am in love with this already. I hummed and hawed about one of these for a while as worktop space is, to say the least, at a premium in my kitchen as is storage space for when it's not in use; but it's just brilliant. Simple, time saving, the long cooking time develops and blends the flavours together - I could go on and on but doubtless you will be seeing some recipes for this in the weeks to come. So far I've made a veg stew - first thing to try it out; a fish stew and a big batch of leek, potato and stilton soup adapted for the slow cooker from the recipe here. All have been great - if you're thinking about it I urge you to get one. Having looked into them before and from my meagre experience so far I would say go for one with different heat settings - mine has 3. This allows you to adjust the cooking time dep how long you've got / you're at work for without making the food too much like mush - as I don't eat meat and will be using this predominantly for veg it's a fairly important consideration.
*Mini-big sis: I have 2 older sisters and this is the next one up from me. She's also pretty short. Sorry!
[I also got various other lovely items over chrimble but I'm not about to harp on about them here. This space is to share ideas / experiences &c not 'this is what I've got.' Suffice to say I love all my gifts and all the givers dearly. Thank you. x]


  1. I'm still to be convinced that I could use one since I'm home all day anyway...hope you enjoy using yours though.

  2. They're handy as well if you're busy though - you don't have to stand over things constantly which is nice but they are a space hogger if you don't think you you'd use it much.
    PS - did you get my email? :-)

  3. Ah, not opened my mail box yet, will go there now...

  4. I am at home all day too ( well most of the time ), but I love my slow cooker too and this year I hoping to try lots of new recipes.

  5. You might be qualified for a complimentary $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.


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