Friday, 21 January 2011

Muppetry all my own

Well - I had a post filled with frugal tips for today. Notes and pics aplenty ready to send out into the world and what have I done - left the lot at home. Doh! So no lunch time witterings from me I'm afraid.
I do tend to the forgetful sometimes and I must admit - it infuriates me so god knows how it is for anyone else! (Sorry!)
It's one of my unlisted resolutions for this year to be better at getting on top of stuff rather than prevaricating and eventually forgetting as I am so very good at doing. [I am a world class 'faffer' sometimes.] The Chap is a much more 'let's get it done now' leaping into action type which seems to be good for me; although somewhat frustrating for him I feel.
Anyway - wittering aside we have a weekend of activity planned to include allotmenting - in need of some tidying and tlc after the weather we've had. Chap is extremely excited that I'm letting him join me in my 'domain' and it's infectious. I'm even going to rope him in to help build my shed - another project that ground to a halt rather over the latter part of 2009 and the first half of 2010 - not my best 'happy bunny' time. More of the grandiose shed plans at a later date - when I have them to hand for a start but it will be a very ecologically sound upcycled number costing nowt or as near to as is physically possible. Yes - skips are my friend! :-D

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