Monday, 10 January 2011

Slow cooker spicy root soup

I adapted an old favourite of mine - this spiced carrot and lentil soup recipe - for the slow cooker. Piece of piss; if you'll pardon the expression. I'm loving the SC more and more!
It ended up being carrot & swede as I had less carrots than I thought but once blended I'm not sure you could even tell. I think it's a good base recipe to use with most root veg to add some warming flavours in the winter months.

Spiced Carrot & Lentil Soup - the SC way
400g carrots }
200g swede } Or 600g carrots in original recipe
2tsp cumin seeds
0.5tsp dried chilli flakes - or adjust to taste
2tbsp EVOO
1l veg stock
140g red lentils
125ml milk

Dry fry cumin and chilli together for a few mins to release the flavours. Keep an eye on them to ensure they don't burn - give them a shake around every half min or so.
Meanwhile stick the kettle on for the stock then peel the swede and chop this and the carrots into chunks. Place in base of SC.
Add the spices and all the rest of the ingredients and switch on. I put mine on high and it had about 6 hours in the end.
Walk away.
Several hours later return and blend soup. This came out quite thick so I added another 0.5 pt veg stock but let your tastes guide you here. And that's it. YAY for Slow cooking!!
This is a nice simple but tasty recipe. It's cost effective too; especially if you keep your eyes peeled for deals or CFC bargains. This week Aldi has both carrots and swede on their Super 6 for 39p. Just remember to pick the biggest one you can find! :-D

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