Wednesday, 5 January 2011

& then it was chrimble

Well I hope you all had a lovely season. I had the festive lurgy - hey ho. Still can't speak properly but it didn't stop us enjoying some bracing walks in the Dorset snow along with a pint or 2 in the local.
Rather bravely Chap came along with me too this year and met the rest of the familial members for the first time on chrimble eve. There was time to pop the pressies under the tree, grab a bowl of veg curry before nipping down the (heaving) 14thC local for a bev or two before bed and chrimble morn. Sated on a full brekkie [I don't do that often] we got on with the gift unwrapping before venturing out onto the skating rink masquerading as a road [closed] outside Ma's house. Had a little amble around and took some pics before a [quieter] visit to the local pub and returning home to make the dinner and all that entails.
Then before we knew it it was Boxing day and a rather sunnier if damn chilly day saw us on the heath by Wareham forest - time for some more pics of the beautiful winter landscape and the fantastic forms the hoar frost makes.

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