Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Well - I had a nice long post all typed out and off I went to find a link and the entire t'internet followed by my pc had a massive effing up fit and lost everything. Goramit I'm sick of this happening!!!

I went to find the link to a sensibly sized blank printable seed packet template I found here.
I have ordered yet more seeds this time from T&M (For my Ma!) but am only now wondering if they'll turn up in time as the last lot I had from them took over a week to arrive. If it's later than next Thurs / Fri that's too late for me as that's when I'm off to visit. These along with various other seeds are forming her Mothers day gift of a 'Front Garden Rescue Kit' as the whole thing had to be dug up last year to put a new soakaway in; whatever one of those is. It involved a lot of mess and concrete and the loss of years of care and attention lavished on the garden anyway. Today I've managed to get the labels with a pic on printed for them all, handy for colours etc. The rest of the details I'll maybe write freehand or if I can work out the correct spacing print onto the template sheets. I'm hoping she'll like it anyway.
Off to the local pub quiz tonight with he of the 'win' at the weekend and friends various. Wish me luck!

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