Thursday, 4 March 2010

"Do you sometimes wish you were wearing paper clothes?"

This is a Yukamoro Lucky Cat which was a chrimble gift from a rather spiffing friend of mine. It's weeblesque in it's abilities to remain upright and has a variety of mews, bells and shouty japanese phrases when you move it. Personal fave is the angry meow which never fails to make me laugh myself stupid! Mind you, you have to chuck it about a bit to get that one.
Anyway, perhaps it has been at work, good things may be coming about for a change in my life so I'll be looking after it regularly as it takes up residence on my desk.
Had a frank chat with WB yest pm and as a result seem to have reached some sort of mutual agreement so all that remains is to see how that pans out. Fingers x-ed all! (Btw the header is one of his! I had to smile.)

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  1. Aww. I'm glad to hear he's bringin you good luck vibes AND the odd giggle! XX


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