Sunday, 7 March 2010

Choices, choices...

Despite currently being ensconced in the office on a beautiful sunny afternoon (*sobs*) my mind is somewhat adrift still over the choice of baked good I should present my esteemed friends with this afternoon at the pub for our inaugural 'Cake Sunday.' I think I have just about decided on a cross between a spiced apple and walnut cake recipe given me by a colleague and a very old Dorset apple cake recipe which was the first thing foodwise I ever made at school. Primary school in this case. The Dorset recipe has the advantage of being the quicker of the 2 and with the addition of a few of the bits / ideas from the other recipe will be lifted from the simple to the seriously munchable. I hope. I mean when can vodka soaked hazelnuts ever be a bad idea? I will let you know but for now must once more lower nose to grindstone in order that I may leave, very soon, very soon indeed.


  1. This picture is beautiful.

    Spring is springing here too. I love the way nature colours her colouring book.

  2. Thank you, it is lovely and lifts the spirits rather after all this cold and rain!


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