Monday, 1 March 2010

Win of the weekend?

A good weekend all round I think. Well...except for the lack of tidying achieved but, meh - it's not exactly scintillating stuff is it?

Beach party at my local on Saturday was good fun after the lacklustre performance in the rugby. Dear me England is a wee bit dire this tournament. Play like that against France and we'll get cheesed.
Fun evening though even feeling ridiculous in a short skirt, flip flops and flowery lei! Promptly lost the lei to the drunken rugby boys - doh!
Sunday was a day of chillaxing and dvd watching, finished catching up on season 3 of Heroes and enjoyed Angels and Demons although I didn't find it totally immersing me.
Really should have got a little more achieved but now the evenings are getting lighter I'm hoping to make the allotment after work this week. Fingers x-ed!

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