Friday, 5 March 2010

Random food advice

Is it just me or is this kind of a wierd piece of advice on a packet of noodles. Sure we've all tried dry noodles but they're, well, not really very nice are they? Yet matey boy is happily chomping away, safe in his ignorance of the fact that all those dry noodles will swell in his stomach as they absorb liquid and later he will explode like an aspirin eating seagull!! (Weeeell, it could happen...)
Yesterday on the sachet of flavouring that came with my Super noodles (are you detecting a theme in my lunches here?) it suggested adding ham and cheese - fair enough - but then lobbing the lot on toast and melting it under the grill. Super noodles on toast? With melted cheese on top? Do they not realise that people eat their products other than students, 'bachelors' (slightly intense and geekesque 20-30 something single males that have more electronics than you could shake a big stick at but *zero culinary knowledge) and post pub-goers? (When this would probably actually sound like a perfectly plausible tasty late night snack.) It just seems like a very wrong suggestion to me.

*This book is made for them - should you have recently invited one into your life and are at a loss for ideas for birthdays &c.

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