Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Kitchenalia Avarice

Why is it I can go from complete ignorance of something to a state of - 'I must have it' in seconds? I love kitchen gadgets. I mean, really LOVE them. I don't have space for them though. Nor do I need them. Nor, in this latest case, can I afford them. But, but - they are so lovely.
It started with me stumbling across this rather cute retro-esque 'moules' pot. I've never heard of mussel pots for cooking. (I fear a conspiracy.) This is enough to make me decide it must be mine. So I googled, and I found, oh my, the rolls royce of mussel pots in the shape of the Staub mussel pot. Wow - are these gorgeous or what? And, er - £80-90. *gulp* But lovely right?
Thing is, I probably only cook mussels at home a couple of times a year so why would I need either version of these? I don't obviously, but I love having the specific gadget / tool for the job. This is someone who has one of those big comb type spaghetti fork things, with holes in the handle to measure the serving size and I never cook spaghetti. I love pasta in other shapes but not spaghetti so why did I need this tool? It's not even as if it was a gift - I bought the damn thing myself, and no - it has never been used. It lurks reproachfully at the back of the drawer waiting for it's moment to come. So even though I do cook mussels I really don't need a specific pot for them. Not that that will stop me checking out amazon and ebay...

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