Monday, 22 March 2010

Cake Sunday #2

Decided to make a variation of jam infused cake inspired by Nigel Slaters Marmalade cake recipe. I wanted to use some of the bramble jelly recently given to me by my ma.

Jam buns

6oz / 175g s.r.flour
6oz / 175g butter
6oz / 175g sugar
3 lg eggs
4oz / 100g / 4 tbsp jam

Preheat oven Gas 4 / 180 c.
Soften butter - I did mine in the microwave. Beat well with the sugar. Beat eggs and add bit by bit, beating each time. Soften jam - again in the microwave and beat in. Flour - sift a bit in then fold in, sift the next bit in until all incorporated.
Bake 40mins. Makes 18-20 buns.

Next time - more jam and less sugar I reckon. These came out nice and moist but didn't taste hugely jammy to my mind and my mothers jam is very definitely high fruit content!

Think I may try a marmalade version - could help cut through the sweetness if I used a lime marmalade perhaps?

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