Monday, 1 March 2010

False sense of security

The weather that is. Incredibly misty start, walking alongside the river on my way to work and couldn't see the other side, or the river in fact. Gorgeous day the rest of it though, far too nice to be coped up indoors.

Really do feel a frustration when the first odd nice day of 'Spring' comes along and here I am slaving away over a hot keyboard answering the same damn fool emails over and over again. It does get my goat rather when people are just completely incapable of reading for themselves and just rely on me feeding them the answer. Grrrr. Phew - rant over methinks!

Anyway, may see if I can do a sneaky lunch swap and leave early tomorrow in order to see what poor state my allotment is in after this weather. Gonna have to be 2mo as apparently the rest of the week is sleet. Bleargh!

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